Light Bath

Everything In Between: New work by KingMallard

On view Jan 25 - March 31

Art Opening Party
Jan 25, 5-9pm

Bathe yourself in KingMallard's glorious Light Bath for a custom portrait on opening night!!

KingMallard will be creating custom portraits using his Light Bath technique in Shag's back room - get as naughty as you please for the camera for this private shoot. Create a unique gift for your partner for Valentine's Day and beyond!
Available opening night only!

An interactive photo experience by Jarid Blue [KINGMALLARD]

“LIGHT BATHS” is an ongoing series of work and immersive installations that Blue has been developing over the last few years. He has found a way to incorporate the concepts of immersive art with fine art photography, and in the process, has given others the wonderful opportunity to view themselves in a different light. Helping to reconnect them with their love for the human body through art, light projection, and photography.

He calls the photos Light Baths because of the way in which they are achieved.

Blue “bathes” his subjects in bright light by projecting a variety of images onto them. The images can range from photographs of scenery and textures that he’s taken, digital patterns he’s created, or work from different artists that have collaborated with him. Blue also experiments with incorporating various elements relating to the person's experiences to try and create a unique session for each participant.

The Light Baths are designed to change a person’s skin for the duration of a mini photo shoot in an effort to help that individual feel comfortable in their own body. In these sessions, people are allowed to strip down to their bare skin and are guided through a few simple and comfortable poses.

Through these photo shoots and images, Blue hopes to show the beauty and confidence that can exist in all bodies.

You can view and find more information about his work via his website or Instagram

Instagram: @kingmallard





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