Rope Bondage Services

Valentine Amartey, SHAG's in house Shibari Rope Bondage workshop instructor, is available to join you on your journey through your photo shoot.  Valentine specializes in Shibari, which is an ancient Japanese art form of tying knots, and will work with you in a professional manner to make you as comfortable (and sexy) as possible.  He will discuss with you the types of rope bondage ties that you may be interested in and customize a shoot just for you; you will receive a variety of ties throughout the shoot.


You can buy a Rope Kit at SHAG before the shoot - our hand dyed rope comes in pink, purple, red, blue, and black.  Once you and Valentine discuss the shoot, he will be able to suggest lengths and types of ropes - have yours custom made! Pricing upon request.

Shibari literally means to tie.
In 18th Century Japan rope was used as a form of punishment; different types of binding and different colors of rope were used to identify the kind of crime the prisoner had committed and the social class he belonged to.  During World War II, the Japanese learned the concepts of the West and legacy of the Marquis de Sade. These were added to the ancient art, and the art form we know today as Shibari came into being. 

Today we see Japanese bondage (Kinbaku/Shibari) used for sexual bonding, personal release, and as an artistic expression of beauty.